There is a difference in lifestyle in different regions of the world, and this is what makes it beautiful. Dubai is an amalgam of many cultures, and you can find people from various nationalities and backgrounds in this city, yet the lifestyle of this city is lavish, but also unique in its way. People from the west may find it a little change as the people, mindset, and laws are different here from any other city in the west. The people from the west come here to live the luxury life, so they opt for villas and places. You must check for District One Dubai Villas for sale to get a luxury bungalow at a reasonable price.

Moving to Dubai and starting a new job or business and starting from a whole new point in life is pretty exciting. There are some roadmaps for the rules in life in the Middle East that you must know. You just have to follow just a few social, cultural, and financial guidelines to make your day to day living easier. Make sure when you leave the city you don’t do it with regret instead, your terms and goals are fulfilled.


The salary packages and the benefits in this city are so lucrative, as you can easily get more than what you were paid in your hometown. These are the reasons why everyone plans to move from their home to somewhere with culture and political differences. So it is better to make it worth it and make a good sum in your account before leaving from the city, it gives you time and energy. If you don’t do that then what was the point of relocating yourself.

All of this was just for you to make up your mindset, as Dubai can make you go off your budget, and spend money on the luxurious lifestyle that you didn’t plan before coming to this city. Expensive clothing, picking up brandy stuff, living in ultra-luxury places, and paying expensive bills of fine dinings in the city can take you to the starting point, like from where you started with zero.

You should make a plan and write it somewhere, start by questioning yourself that why were you here? How much time do you have in the city? And how much amount do you want to take with you? Now divide this number with the months you have in the city, and you will get the amount of savings that must be done in a month, that money should be left untouched. What is left will be consumed on your basic bills first like your rent, monthly grocery, utility bills, and transport. Only after all this is done the remaining amount can be spent on luxury and entertainment.


Well, contracting in Dubai for some financial loans like car finance, health insurance, and somewhere to live is so amazing and can be a goldmine for you. You just need to have the assistance of some professional to advise you, you can seek advice from a long-term colleague and a website which we will discuss later. You can ask those colleagues who have been working here for a long time, seek for those who are more towards the positive side as the ones who always look for the negative side might scare you. Some people have a bad experience in this city so they will guide you according to that, everybody has their own experiences, so seek positive energy and happy people.

By nature, you are in a very fortunate place as a Western expatriate employed and living in Dubai. You will be in possession of the highest pay and you will live in the best accommodation.

It is an exciting and tempting prospect to arrive in Dubai to start a new job and a new phase of life. Nevertheless, there are a few “road-rules” for life in the UAE that you should probably know about. It will make day-to-day life much easier. Dubai is a city with a lot of wonders and there is one thing that we can promise, you will not get bored in this city. One should visit this city and avail of the opportunities. If you are migrating to Dubai then must look for Port De La Mer apartments for sale, as they are cheap yet luxury.

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